Quick View: A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom & Justice

Use this ‘cheat sheet’ to guide your reading into the amazing 85 pp document from the Movement for Black Lives.

Also, check out Disability Solidarity: Completing the “Vision for Black Lives” a criticism of the platform by Black disability thinkers and activists.

movement-not-a-moment~a quick view
of the demands~

Created by Nikki Pyle

  • End the War on Black People
    1. Call of an end to violence/militarized state
      1. Through disinvestment in privatized prisons (economically)
      2. Demilitarizing police (socially)
  • Decriminalize “blackness” (Politically)
    1. End violence against gender nonconformity
    2. End dehumanization of Black youth
  1. Concern for the future of Black youth
    1. Punitive nature of justice system for Black youth
    2. School to prison pipeline
  • Gender based violence- young Black girls in juvenile justice system
  • Reparations
    1. Access to education
    2. Livable income
    3. Access to survival needs: food, housing, land
    4. Demands in education/curriculums acknowledging history of colonialism
    5. Address impact of slavery, promptly (through reallocation of resources)
  • movement-for-black-lives-photoInvest-Divest
    1. Investment in education, health, and safety of Black people/ Divest from exploitative forces
      1. Divest from policing à invest in education, restorative justice programs and employment programs
      2. Divest from criminalization of prostitution and drugs à invest in mental health services, job programs, other social programs for this demographic
  • Invest in equitable universal health care & in fully funded education
  1. Divest from military expenditures & from multinational use of fossil fuels
  • Economic Justice: Legislation
    1. Restructure tax code to ensure radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth
    2. Federal/state/alternative institutions àfunding for specifically Black communities
    3. Protections for workers
    4. Political distribution of resources, e.g. land, water, etc.
  • Community Control
    1. Those “most impacted” in Black communities control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve Black folks
    2. End privatization of education
    3. Participatory budgeting (community control over budget and revenue divisions)
  • Political Powerharriet-tubman-collective
    1. Independent Black political power and Black self-determination in all areas of society à effectively exercising full political power
    2. End super PACs
    3. Full access voting/ full access to technology
    4. Increased funding for Black institutions


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