Racial Justice Allies facilitate dialogs with community in Sonoma County. Below is an archive of past events hosted by RJA. Do you have an event topic idea, or a request for information about a past event? Contact us here.

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  • January – Understanding Whiteness
  • February
  • March


  • February: What is The Islamic State? (ISIS. IS. ISEL. Daesh. What do we really know about it?)
  • Mar: Once Upon a Time: Telling Kids the Story of Race
  • May: Co-Sponsor with Petaluma Mother’s Club and The Luma Center “How
    to Talk to Kids bout Race?” led by Micia Mosely
  • June: “White Fragility”
  • July: “White Silence”
  • September: Discussion of “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black
    Power, Freedom & Justice”
  • November: Exposing the Underbelly of Ugly: Post Election Reaction and
    Action from an Anti-Racist Perspective


  • January: Sins Invalid Workshop w/ Nomy Lamm
  • February: Participate in two panel discussions at Rialto for Film
    American Denial
  • March: 25 Black Lives Matter #1
  • April: RJA co-sponsor Palestine activist Iyad Burnat
  • April: Black Lives Matter #2
  • July 1 Black Lives Matter #3 Arlene Francis Center
  • August: Black Lives Matter #4 Arlene Francis Center
  • October: Daily Practice to Abolish White Supremacy
  • December: Talking Turkey about Race


  • Feb. Andy Lopez
  • March: Steve Martinot
  • May: Hoodwinked
  • July: Hoodwinked Part 2
  • September: What does it mean to be in solidarity with non-white communities fighting against police terror?


  • Jan. ?
  • March: Road to Apartheid
  • April: Harvest of Empire
  • July: Mumia
  • September: Life and Debt
  • November: Not Just a Game


  • January: Passivity or takeover? Navigating white leadership in multi-racial groups.
  • February: Islamaphobia, Arab Spring, War on Terror: looking through the lens of whiteness.
  • March: What role can white folks take in local immigrants rights struggles? How are whiteness and immigration entwined?
  • April: Day long whiteness workshop with Occupy
  • May: Domestic Workers
  • June: Overt and Systemic Racism in Sonoma County Schools
  • July: Dismantling White Supremecy
  • August: Environmental Justice
  • September: Islamaphobia
  • October: The New Jim Crow
  • November: Intersecting Oppressions
  • November: Cracking the Codes


  • February – Understanding White Supremacy (4 Lenses)
  • March– Colorblind Racism
  • April– Institutional Racism: the racism of everyday life
  • May– The Cost of White Privilege
  • June– White Guilt
  • July– What does it mean to be an ally?
  • Aug– Evaluation of Dialogues
  • October – Columbus Day Revisited
  • November – But I’m poor (queer, Jewish, . . .), not privileged! how privilege and oppression interact
  • December – Can working for racial justice create economic justice? the relationship of socioeconomic class, race and gender.


  • Started in February, ongoing once per month.
  • October: Whiteness Workshop with Laurie Lippin and Stephanie Puentes

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