Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create a space where white people explore and take responsibility for racism and white privilege, develop anti-racist identities and practices, and work as allies for racial justice.

Statement of Unity:

Members of the Racial Justice Allies Organizing Committee (RJA-OC) agree that:

White supremacy is the norm in the United States, and is the default position of white people’s thoughts and behavioral patterns. Despite this, there have always been white people who challenge the white supremacist system.

White supremacy and racism injure and dehumanize all people, but affect white people and non-white people in different and important ways.

Since white supremacy is a human construction, it can be deconstructed.

White supremacy/racism are integrated with a number of other systems of oppression and exploitation, including, but not limited to, capitalism and hetero-patriarchy.  We challenge white supremacy/racism as a strategic way to analyze and deconstruct this complex web of power dynamics.

We recognize that without an understanding of how systems of oppression are integrated we can easily continue to participate in our own oppression. For example, racial divisions can weaken class based organizing efforts.

White people as a group have an essential and strategic role in fighting white supremacy/racism. We commit to developing anti-racist identities and practices, and to engaging white people against racism and white supremacy as part of a broader multi-racial social justice movement.

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