Ally Bill of Responsibilities

Lynn Gehl

Lynn Gehl

Lynn Gehl has created an Ally Bill of Responsibilities beginning with the two points below. Follow the link to read the full 2-page Bill of Responsibilities. PDF files are also available for your use.

  1. Do not act out of guilt, but rather out of a genuine interest in challenging the larger oppressive power structures.
  2. Understand that they are secondary to the Indigenous people that they are working with and that they seek to serve. They and their needs must take a back seat.

“In creating a better world the turtle must to lead the way. Genuine solidarity, rather than false solidarity, is required.  No one is free until those people most oppressed are free.”

Lynn Gehl’s personal website
Her first book is titled “Anishinaabeg Stories: Featuring Petroglyphs, Petrographs, and Wampum Belts”

“Ally Bill of Responsibilities”

Dr. Lynn Gehl Ph.D.

Learner-researcher, thinker, writer, Black Face blogger, and an Indigenous human rights advocate for 27 years.