White Fragility: A Dialog

White Fragility Poster

“By resisting (or even embracing) fear, guilt, and shame, we can open ourselves up to conversations about race that actually create a deeper understanding.” 

How do you feel when you receive feedback that your behavior as a white person looked or felt racist to someone else?

As a white person, how do you feel when some one suggests that your viewpoint comes from a racialized frame of reference?

How do you feel when non-white people choose not to protect your feelings after you’ve made a mistake in regards to race

 Racial Justice Allies invites you to join us for a conversation: When “White Fragility” Comes Into Play in Conversations About Race.  Join us and find tools to understand and combat your own moments of “White Fragility.”

Tuesday,  June 7
6:30- 8:30 PM
Glaser Center
547 Mendocino Ave.,  Santa Rosa
For more info  racialjusticeallies@gmail.com or Judy Helfand @ 707-833-1890

Here are a few articles that will help with understanding “White Fragility.”

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